Music promotion is a key part of the music industry, if you are in a band and you are at the stage where you are looking to build your audience outside of friends and family it's important that you take music promotion seriously. Is your music on it's on enough? Unfortuntalely, probably not... some of the best musicians in the world are probably sitting in a bedroom in their pants moaning about how they should be famous. Look at any big act and you'll find that the work and promotion it took to get them there was huge. (there might be a few exceptions.... not many though)


So, it's important that you start to think about the next steps in your music career. We are hear to help. What can we offer?

Variety of Venues

We work and have a good relationship with the majority of venues, when you are looking to promote you need to choose the right venue to ensure that you give the punters the best experience possible and they rush to buy your EP or give your Facebook page a like and maximise the fanbase you can build.

support acts

Getting bands to support your show is an important part of Music Promotion when it comes to live events, often you will have an idea of bands you would like to play and we also have a large database of bands, so together we can select the right acts and make sure the music on the night creates a great vibe and awesome gig.

Tailored approach

Every band is different. We want to listen to your needs and approach the promotion in the best way possible for you. In the past this has included poster campaigns, online marketing, radio give aways, video interviews and lots of other methods.... In order to get a tailored approach we need to understand your bands goals and where you currently are in the musical career ladder.